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Does anyone still look at web pages anymore?

Hello, welcome to the webpage of HarriskeHouse. We do photos, videos, music, memes and are working on the perfect curry recipe.

Since Facebook has taken over the world, I wonder if anyone looks at web pages anymore. Seems the only action we get are from spammers who want to cure erectile dysfunction, sell us SEO, or go on a date. We don’t even get messages from African Princes who want us to let them deposit $10,000,000 in our bank account and watch it while they escape their country. Aw, those were the days.

So I hand out business cards with this web address on it, but I am really lax in keeping it up to date. I have seen web pages that haven’t been updated in 15 years. They were made with Microsoft FrontPage (which is what we used back in the gay 90s) or some other early basic program. But, I’m sure you’ve probably seen them: webpages on obscure topics with black backgrounds featuring flames and sparkles and Times New Roman font, or even worse a script font that is basically unreadable. But it is mighty dainty.

So now I’m using WordPress. And now I’m learning Gutenberg. And Divi. WordPress messes with my mind.

Turtle Crawl 2019

Now I guess I’m supposed to sell you on something.

Everybody has a camera, everybody shoots videos, you can build music on Garageband, so basically, all the stuff we do, everyone does.

Or they think they can do it.

But, if it’s to be effective, it has to be good from the start. I try to get as close to ideal as possible, then I have you take a look, or a listen, and I take suggestions. I think the best work comes from collaboration. And existence is absurd.

The adventure begins…

What is a Harriske?

I married my wife, Anne Marie, five years ago. Four years ago, I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania to be with Anne and her 3 daughters. While Anne Marie Turske took my last name, Harris, (first time a wife has taken my name!), the girls, Irena, Sara, and Sonya kept the names as Turske. So we became the Harriske clan. I pronounce it like Harris-key, while Anne’s family pronounce it HA-risky. Well, what are ya gonna do? If you’re really interested in more of this saga, check out ABOUT US.